It's more fun the better you swim.

Swimming is an amazing activity that’s not only great exercise but a way for family and friends to bond with each other while having massive fun!

A Fun and Healthy Activity for the Whole Family

Swimming is an amazing activity that’s not only great exercise, but is a way that family and friends can bond with one another while having a lot of fun!

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Kids Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a life skill that everyone should learn, and there’s no better time than to start as a child. Not only do children pick skills up faster but the exercise will help their physical development...

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Adult Swimming Lessons

Swimming lesson for adults is an important life skill and one never knows when it could save one’s life. It is also an excellent low-impact, yet intense full-body workout...

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Life Saving Courses

Lifesaving requires a whole different set of skills. At Swimfun 123 we’ve prepared a fun yet challenging training course. Lifesaving is a serious skill, and one can choose to progress through...

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Stroke Correction

Many learn how to swim without knowing the proper technique. The wrong technique will not only cause you to expend more energy but you will just not be able to move as fast and graceful as others...

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Our Customers Love Us

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Mr Oh is a great coach for swimming and lifesaving, I have no doubts that he will achieve great success in setting up a great swim school. He is well liked by many children and teens mainly due to his calm and friendly nature. He pays equal attention to all his students and made sure we would do well before he sent us for the test. I assure you that you will learn whatever you need to from Mr Oh

Raynor, Lifesaving Class

Mr Oh is a very fun and interesting instructor. He can be strict when he wants to, but usually he is fun going and his lessons are really enjoyable. He also makes each lesson slightly different from the previous, hence it's never boring. Plus he is effective as the way he teaches allows us to more easily remember what has been taught and the important points. Overall Mr Oh is a great instructor whose lessons are both fun and informative.

Tedmond, Student

My coach Mr Steven is a very fun person to be with as he cracks jokes at you during lesson . He also keeps up with real world events so that he can communicate with us easier , making us feel more assured learning from him. He also teaches the lesson very well and is able to guide us along the way . He is also very kind and giving as he gifts us during children's day even though we are all teens , and the times he helped me through all the challenges . Learn from my coach and you will have a whale of a time!

Donovan, Student