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Fun Baby Swimming Lessons Singapore

We all feel astonished whenever we watched videos where babies are swimming, but yes, babies can swim, and actually, this is so beneficial for them.

Swimming help baby to improves their cognitive function by stimulating neurons development in the brain as he kicks and smacks water, thus improving special awareness and reading skills.

However, do not try and teach your baby swimming alone unless you are a professional and have experience with that, to avoid any accidents that may occur.

Anyway, why bother yourself? Bring your baby to us, and save yourself the trouble and enjoy your time with your baby.

SwimFun123 provide 1 to 1 baby swimming lessons in Singapore by a team of devoted swimming instructors.

We put your babies’ safety as our number one priority and responsibility so that they can have a fun and safe baby swimming lessons with us.

Register now and do not hesitate to join our pools in Singapore.

Swimming Lessons For Toddlers

baby and toddlers swimming lessons in singapore

Studies showed that drowning is the second cause of babies and children’s death after accidents, where they drown in seas, pools, and even bathtubs.


Teaching toddlers swimming skills at a young age, can protect them anytime they face water problems when they are alone, and this will secure your tranquillity and peace of mind.

Teaching your toddler swimming may also build up their interest and become a career for them in future!

There is a big probability that your toddler will admire this sport and develop a big passion for it and will grow this passion with him over years to be a professional swimmer and participate in races and Olympics.

SwimFun123 toddlers swimming lessons have flexible schedules for your toddler to attend sessions. In case it was impossible for you, you can trust our professional certified swimming coaches, caregivers, and leave your toddler with our safe hands.

Our swimming lessons will also bring fun and joy with entertaining activities for your toddlers. Contact us today to learn more about our lessons for your toddlers.

Why Learn to Swim with SwimFun123?

Learn about some of the benefits in why should you book your swimming lessons with SwimFun123

Top Level Instructors

SwimFun123 realizes that the strength of our coaching staff is responsible for the success of our business.


We only hire best-certified trainers and holds them to the highest standards. All our instructors have a lifetime of swimming experience in the sport.


If you’re learning to swim, you want to know you’re in good hands. With the team at SwimFun123, you get professional assistance and instruction that helps you learn faster.

Affordable Rates

At SwimFun123, our mission is to get people in the water and teach them how to swim.


Our affordable rates help us reach more people. We believe in spreading the fun for everyone that wants to give swimming a try.


With our affordable lesson plans, you can learn a life skill that will stay with you forever. Even if you don’t swim again for years, you’ll still have the basics under your belt.

Focus on Safety

The pool is a slippery and dangerous place. We walk you through all the safety protocols involved with swimming to ensure you get a safe experience at the pool.


Safety is paramount at SwimFun123. We focus on providing your kids with the knowledge they need to develop good behavior around and in the water


Guaranteed Results

When you book your swimming lesson Singapore, it comes with guaranteed results.


Provided you put in the time and effort, we’re confident we’ll get you swimming in no time.

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Locations for Baby Swimming Lessons

You can find our list of locations for our baby and toddler swimming lessons

Woodlands Swimming Lessons


Yishun Swimming Lessons Singapore


Book Your Swimming Lessons and Learn to Swim with SwimFun123!

Book your swimming lessons with SwimFun123 Singapore today, and get comfortable in the water in a few weeks. With our dedicated team, you'll experience a safe, effective, and fun swimming experience.


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